quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Os efeitos de "Bella"

First, we wanted to thank all the fans out there, who helped make our first film, Bella the sensation it was!

Bella was in theaters an astounding 36-weeks and gained incredible critical and commercial success for an independent film. More importantly, because of Bella’s release, more than 100 women decided to choose life because of the message of this film. The Bella Hero Program, which sends free copies of the Bella DVD to pregnancy centers, has already confirmed the 125th baby saved!

The film has also opened doors to spread the message of human dignity across the globe with its international release and the continued public appearances of Metanoia founder and Bella star Eduardo Verastegui from Hong Kong to Darfur.

Thanks to YOU, Bella’s was able to inspire support for life and adoption throughout the world! Thanks to YOU, Bella brought the all-too-often-ignored issues of life and family to the foreground wherever it was played! Because of this and all of your continued support, we want to thank you!!

We want to thank you the best way we can; by continuing to bring important, uplifting and entertaining films to the world. We are currently moving forward with three new films that will continue the message of hope.


Yours Truly,

Eduardo, Alejandro, Leo, Mitch, Anna, Sally & Jason

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