sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

Um casamento dura quanto ?

In marriage, there may only be a 1% difference between a 98% and 99% commitment. But there is a total difference between 99% and 100%. Because it’s not just a difference in level of commitment, but the kind of commitment. It’s an entirely different kind of relationship. That’s one of the things that makes marriage special. It’s not just a contract or a mutually beneficial partnership. It’s an “all in” kind of deal. Either you’re all in for the long haul no matter what, or you’re not. If you’re not, it ain’t marriage.

Just hoping you can make it work until “death do us part”, is not good enough. That’s not a marriage. A real marriage is a covenant. A commitment that goes beyond any promise to “feel” a certain way about somebody for any length of time. It’s a life-long bond we are bound to no matter what.

It is only in such a commitment that we are truly set free. Set free to be ourselves without fear of losing the other. Set free to depend on somebody despite their imperfections or our own. Set free to create new life – children – who have every right to be born into that kind of stability. Set free to commit 100% without fear of the other committing only 99%. Set free to fight it out knowing that there’s no way to get thrown out of the ring. This is where relationships thrive. This is where children thrive. This is what makes marriage an amazing adventure unlike any other kind of relationship. Do not accept anything less.

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