quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Sobre o que é verdadeiramente importante

Right now, there are a lot of things you’re missing out on.

Somewhere out there, you’re missing one of the greatest concerts of all time.

Right now, you’re missing out on meeting a new friend that could help you most in your time of need.

Somewhere on a shelf, you’re missing out on a book that will change your life forever.

Right now, you’re missing out on an amazing learning opportunity, a sweet job, some juicy gossip, a chance to impress your boss, an amazing TV show and a great investment opportunity.

Do you know how I know? Because the world is filled with endless amounts of all of these things. It’s a wonderful place. But you will never experience them all, and even if you could, they would not be enough to make you whole.

And while you’re too busy chasing more and more of them and worrying about how much of it you’re missing out on, what you’re really missing out on is all of the gifts, blessings and people right in front of your face.

That’s really what you’re missing out on right now.


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